Elevate your professional wardrobe into a signature style you love.

Ready for compliments on your outfits? 

Are you bored of wearing of the same tired outfits day in and day out? Do you wish you had more options for clothing rather than the 2-3 stores you go to but don't love?

Maybe you don't even know if you have a "style". 

Imagine if you could feel good in your clothes knowing that they fit your body and your vibe.

You can and I'm going to show you how!

The 4-week Fall Wardrobe Bootcamp begins on Oct. 1st Here's what to expect:

Week One

There are four main professional style types. Do you know yours? Uncovering your style preferences is key to developing a unique signature style you'll love. Once you know your style, you can shop and dress with confidence.

Week Two

There are also four main body shapes. You may think you know yours, but do you know how to shop for clothes that work with you as opposed to against you? Understanding how to shop and tailor clothes based on your body type will be a game changer.

Week Three

Now that you know your style and body type, it's time to learn how to merge both concepts. You don't need to be a professional stylist to learn this styling trick.

Week Four

Let's put it all together so you can create outfits that support your signature style with ease as well as learn how to incorporate Fall 2018 trends to elevate your professional look. Getting ready each morning might become your new favorite routine. And you'll look and feel great all day long! 

You don't have to look like every other attorney!

"The Fall Wardrobe Bootcamp helped me figure out my signature style so I could easily shop for pieces tht I love and look great on me. I still use my style board when putting together outfits and every time I shop. The style board alone was worth the price!" 

- Heather Hubbard

Meet your stylist

Hi, I'm Estelle Winsett. I am an attorney, Director of Professional Development at a law firm, and personal stylist. I'm passionate about helping women show up as their best selves. Over the course of four weeks, you will discover your signature style and create a wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed every morning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much access will I have to you in this program?  

I'm here to help and am committed to your success! As part of this program, you will get direct access to me via posts in the private FB Group as well as 4 (1 hour) FB Live Group Coaching Calls every week where you can ask me anything!  

How is the program set up?  

At the beginning of each week, you will receive a lesson about that week's theme. Every Wednesday, I will post a video which does a deeper dive into the topic. You get a chance to ask me anything you want every Friday at noon CST during our weekly FB Live call.  

What if I have a question but am unable to attend the FB Live calls?  

No problem! You can post your question in the FB group or send me your question via direct message, and I will be sure to answer your question during the FB Live. You will then get to rewatch the weekly FB lives at your convenience.  

What if I am out of town for part of the program? Will I get behind?  

This program is self-paced so that you can go at whatever pace works for you and your lifestyle. You will have unlimited access to this FB Group and its content.  

Are you going to try to clone us to your style?  

Absolutely not! In fact, that is why I created this program. We all have unique points of view and shouldn't be required to look like everyone else

Want in on the fun?

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3. Invite a friend to join you in the fun. Friends don't let friends dress frumpy.